For NUS Students:

1)Application Requirements:

(i)  The award is open to graduating PhD students from all Faculties and Schools whose theses are related to Environmental and Sustainability Research.  Submission of theses related to development models of future metropolises is also encouraged.

(ii) PhD graduates whose conferment date falls within 1 April 201x to 31 March 201x are eligible for consideration for the Prize for AY201x/201x.  Current PhD students who have submitted their thesis for examination but whose degree has not yet been conferred may also be nominated.   However, the requirement in such cases is that all examiners’ reports must have been received in complete format and the student has preferably completed their oral defense.

2)Procedures to apply for the prize:

Students who are keen are required to submit the following documents,

(i)    World Future Foundation Prize nomination form

(ii)    a copy of the thesis abstract with an accompanying translation in Chinese.

(iii)   complete CV with a list of publications co-authored by the student during candidature (with title of paper, list of authors and reference details)

(iv)   a copy of a maximum of 2 best publications by the nominee (optional)

(v)    supervisor’s recommendation

Note : Within six months of the conferment of award, the winners must submit subsequent research paper being accepted for publication.  The document will be verified with his/her home faculty/school.  Upon confirmation from the latter, Registrar’s Office will proceed to prepare the disbursement of the balance award.

3)For enquiries please contact:
Registrar’s Office.


For NTU Students:

1) Application Requirements:

(i)   Research project meet the topics of environmental sustainability.

(ii)  Nominee has already submitted thesis for exam and is likely to be conferred PhD degree before the WFF Award Ceremony that is usually held in July.

2) Procedures to apply for the prize:

PhD students do not apply for this prize. Instead, the Schools will nominate potential awardees.

Note : Recipients of the World Future Foundation PhD Prize Award have to attend the award ceremony to receive the prize which will include a trophy and first tranche of payment. The second and subsequent payment will be made out upon the publication of papers on the same research field. Winners are encouraged to acknowledge the World Future Foundation in both their theses and publications.  

3) For enquiries please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.